Which player has had the biggest impact in his first BCIHL season?
  Selkirk defenceman Tristen Cross
  SFU forward Ty Westgard
  TWU forward Josh Bruce
  UVic forward Keenan Eddy
  VIU goaltender Jeremy Balyk
   BC Intercollegiate Hockey League: Awards: POW


2019-20 WINNERS

December 1 - Tristen Cross (Selkirk College)
November 24 - Jeremy Balyk (Vancouver Island University)
November 17 - Mitch Ledyard (Simon Fraser University)
November 10 - Josh Bruce (Trinity Western University)
November 3 - Keegan Durrance (University of Victoria)
October 27 - Blake Sidoni (Selkirk College)
October 20 - Logan Casavant (Trinity Western University)
October 13 - Travis Verveda (Trinity Western University)
October 6 - Garrett Dunlop (Vancouver Island University)
September 29 - Daniel Paul (University of Victoria)


2018-19 WINNERS

March 4 - Cole Plotnikoff (Simon Fraser University)
February 25 - Michael Lenko (Simon Fraser University)
February 18 - Logan Casavant (Trinity Western University)
February 10 - Patrick Zubick (Selkirk College)
February 3 - Travis Verveda (Trinity Western University)
January 27 - Edward Lindsey (Selkirk College)
January 20 - Brett Witala (Vancouver Island University)
January 13 - Lucas Mills (Trinity Western University)
January 6 - Dallas Calvin (Vancouver Island University)
December 9 - Evan Last (Trinity Western University)
December 2 - Blake Holowaty (University of Victoria)
November 25 - Lucas Mills (Trinity Western University)
November 18 - Spencer Gerth (Trinity Western University)
November 11 - Dallas Calvin (Vancouver Island University)
November 4 - Landon Walters (Selkirk College)
October 28 - Mitch Newsome (Simon Fraser University)
October 21 - Alex Milligan (Vancouver Island University)
October 14 - Garrett Dunlop (Vancouver Island University)
October 7 - Jarrett Fontaine (Trinity Western University)

2017-18 WINNERS

March 19 - Silas Matthys (Trinity Western University)
March 12 - Evan Last (Trinity Western University)
March 5 - Michael Olson-Eyre (Vancouver Island University)
February 26 - Kobe Oishi (Vancouver Island University)
February 19 - Brett Mathews (Eastern Washington University)
February 12 - Dustin Deugau (Trinity Western University)

February 5 - Beau Walker (Eastern Washington University)
January 29 - Darryl Senholt (Vancouver Island University)
January 22 - Cole Arcuri (Selkirk College)
January 15 - Silas Matthys (Trinity Western University)
January 8 - Brendan Lamont (Simon Fraser University)
December 3 - Dallas Calvin (Selkirk College)
November 27 - Jack Palmer (University of Victoria)
November 20 - Gage Colpron (Vancouver Island University)
November 13 - Mak Barden (Simon Fraser University)
November 6 - Dane Feeney (Selkirk College)                                 
October 30 - Dallas Calvin (Selkirk College)
October 23 - Brandon Potomak (Trinity Western University)
October 16 - Derek McPhail (Selkirk College)
October 9 - Dirk de Waal (Trinity Western University)

2016-17 WINNERS

March 20th - Shawn Mueller (University of Victoria)
March 12th - Jack Palmer (University of Victoria)
March 5th - Daniell Lange (Simon Fraser University)
February 26th - Jacob Mills (Trinity Western University)
February 19th - Graham Smerek (Simon Fraser University)
February 12th - Dirk De Waal (Trinity Western University)
February 5th - Adam Callegari (Simon Fraser University)
January 29th - Patrick Holland (University of Victoria)
January 22nd - Austin Brihn (Eastern Washington University)
January 15th - Scott Patterson (Simon Fraser University)
December 4th - Jamey Kreller (Trinity Western University)
November 27th - Luciano Somerville (University of Victoria)
November 20th - Evan Last (Trinity Western University)
November 13th - Mathew Berry-Lamontagna (Simon Fraser University)
November 6th - Shawn Mueller (University of Victoria)
October 30th - Silas Matthys (Trinity Western University)
October 23rd - Dallas Calvin (Selkirk College)
October 16th - Patrick Holland (University of Victoria)
October 9th - Jordan Liem (Simon Fraser University)

2015-16 WINNERS

March 20th - Ryan Edwards (Selkirk College)
March 13th - Jamie Russell (Trinity Western University)
March 6th - Dallas Calvin (Selkirk College)
February 28th - James Tindle (University of Victoria)
February 28th - James Tindle (University of Victoria)
February 21st - Silas Matthys (Trinity Western University)
February 14th - James Prigione (Selkirk College)
February 7th - Matthew Berry-Lamontagna (Simon Fraser University)
January 31st - Shawn Mueller (University of Victoria)
January 24th - PJ Buys (Trinity Western University)
January 17th - Brett Mathews (Eastern Washington University)
January 10th - Patrick Webb (University of Victoria)
December 6th - Blair Murphy (Trinity Western University)
November 29th - Jono Ceci (Simon Fraser University)
November 22nd - Shawn Mueller (University of Victoria)
November 15th - Jamey Kreller (Trinity Western University)
November 8th - Graham Smerek (Simon Fraser University)
November 1st - Ryan Edwards (Selkirk College)
October 25th - Ryan Bakken (Trinity Western University)
October 18th - Beau Walker (Eastern Washington)
October 11th - Jaret Babych (Simon Fraser University)
October 4th - Dallas Calvin (Selkirk College)

2014-15 WINNERS

March 1st - Paxton Bell (Eastern Washington University)
Feburary 22nd - Logan Proulx (Selkirk College)
February 15th - Andrew Parent (Simon Fraser University)
February 8th - Paxton Bell (Eastern Washington University)
February 1st - Mathew Berry-Lamontagna (Simon Fraser University)
January 25th - Ryan Edwards (Selkirk College)
January 18th - Beau Walker (Eastern Washington University)
January 11th - Evan Warner (University of Victoria)
December 7 - PJ Buys (Trinity Western University)
November 30th - Alex Milligan (Selkirk College)
November 23rd - Dylan Hykawy (University of Victoria)
November 16th - Silas Matthys (Trinity Western University)
November 9th - Shawn Mueller (University of Victoria)
November 2nd - Tyler Basham (Simon Fraser University)
October 26th - Adam Klein (University of Victoria)
October 19th - Jackson Garrett (Selkirk College)
October 12th - Jono Ceci (Simon Fraser University)
October 5th - Beau Walker (Eastern Washington)
September 28th - J.P. Villeneuve (Trinity Western)

2013-14 WINNERS

March 11th - J.P. Villeneuve (Trinity Western University)
March 2nd - Eli Wiebe (University of Victoria)
February 23rd - Tyler Mort (Eastern Washington University)
February 16th - Jason Greenwell (Eastern Washington University)
February 9th - Logan Proulx (Selkirk College)
February 2nd - Mitchell Bell (University of Victoria)
January 26th - J.P. Villeneuve (Trinity Western University)
January 19th - Jared Eng (Simon Fraser University)
January 12th - Stephen Wolff (Thompson Rivers University)
December 8th - Nick Sandor (Simon Fraser University)
December 1st - Nick Babich (University of Victoria)
November 24th - Brad Robinson (University of Victoria)
November 17th - Uriah Machuga (Eastern Washington University)
November 10th - Cody Fidgett (Selkirk College)
November 3rd - Tyler Berkholtz (Thompson Rivers University)
October 28th - Harry Fredeman (Trinity Western University)
October 21st - Connor McLaughlin (Selkirk College)
October 14th - Aaron Enns (Simon Fraser University)
October 7th - J.P. Villeneuve (Trinity Western University)
September 30th - Josh MacDonald (Thompson Rivers University)

2012-13 WINNERS

March 10th - Alex Sirard (Selkirk College)
March 3rd - Shawn Mueller (University of Victoria)
February 24th - Scott Swiston (Selkirk College)
February 17th - Harry Fredeman (Trinity Western University)
February 10th - Josh MacDonald (Thompson Rivers University)
February 3rd - Jordan Wood (Selkirk College)
January 27th - Colten DeFrias (Thompson Rivers University)
January 20th - Tim Zwiers (Trinity Western University)
January 13th - Bret Kellogg (Eastern Washington University)
January 6th - Ben Van Lare (Simon Fraser University)
December 2nd - Taylor Swaffield (Simon Fraser University)
November 25th - Harry Fredeman (Trinity Western University)
November 18th - Alessio Tomassetti (Thompson Rivers University)
November 11th - Dennis Pavlina (University of Victoria)
November 4th - Jordan Wood (Selkirk College)
October 28th - Evan Warner (University of Victoria)
October 21st - Dylan Smith (Selkirk College)
October 14th - Ben Van Lare (Simon Fraser University)
October 7th - Jason Greenwell (Eastern Washington University)

2011-12 WINNERS

March 11th - Kevin Currie (Trinity Western University)
March 4th - Jake Flynn (Eastern Washington University)
February 26th - Ben Van Lare (Simon Fraser University)
February 19th - Patrik Martin (Okanagan College)
February 12th - Brent Sutherland (University of Victoria)
February 5th - Brandon Long (Trinity Western University)
January 29th - Bret Kellogg (Eastern Washington University)
January 22nd - Cody Rose (Thompson Rivers University)
January 15th - Jono Ceci (Simon Fraser University)
January 8th - Matthew Bell (University of Victoria)
November 28th - Chris Glen (Okanagan College)
November 21st - Andrew Fisher (Thompson Rivers University)
November 14th - Miles Houston (Okanagan College)
November 7th - Spenser Wong (Selkirk College)
October 31st - Tim Zwiers (Trinity Western University)
October 24th - Ben Van Lare (Simon Fraser University)
October 17th - Jordan Wood (Selkirk College)
October 10th - Bret Kellogg (Eastern Washington University)

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